Arema FC Vs Sriwijaya, Beto Goncalves Celebrate Goal Scoring

Arema FC Vs Sriwijaya, Beto Goncalves Celebrate Goal Scoring
After a long period of no goalscoring, Sriwijaya FC striker Alberto “Beto” Goncalves, longed for a celebration.

His desire to perform this celebration is ready to be realized when Sriwijaya FC hosted former club Beto, Arema FC. Both teams met at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, Friday (7/7/2017) night.

The player who is familiarly called Beto admitted it would be difficult to score goals against Arema FC guarded by goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga. Moreover, in the last five matches, Sriwijaya FC always suffered defeat.

“It is not easy to score goals against Arema, let alone playing at home,” Beto said.

“However, we also have to remain confident because Sriwijaya FC is also a good team and all the players are ready to play, so all may happen in the game later,” he said.

According to Alberto Goncalves, as a striker, he is always eager in the game. He has a strong desire to score again.

His motivation also doubled to improve the position of Sriwijaya FC is now being down.

“As a professional player and striker position, I am ready to give the best,” he said.

Top scorer TSC 2016 did not hesitate to do a celebration if scored against goal Arema FC, although the team had defended.

“Now, I am in yellow costumes, surely there is no problem with celebrating, of course, it is not a celebration that provokes provocation,” said Beto.

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