Fiorentina Ready to Release Bernardeschi

Fiorentina Ready to Release Bernardeschi

Stefano Pioli has admitted for the first time that Federico Bernardeschi can leave Fiorentina this summer Agen Bola.

Bernardeschi is believed to be moving to Juventus soon, while Fiorentina has repeatedly insisted that he will not go anywhere, Pioli admits that he hopes his winger might surrender.

“At the end of last season, we knew that a cycle was over, that the player could leave, and Bernardeschi was one of those players,” Coach told the media.

“Regardless of what happens, the team will move on.”

Bernardeschi had expressed interest in Juventus but he did not want to rush to make a decision.

“Now it’s my agent and club’s turn. I do not want to interfere, but I repeat, I do not want to rush. Who does not want to play for Juve? ”

Viola is rumored to want to release Bernardeschi to Juventus with a dowry of 40 million Euro plus plus Sturaro.

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