Funny, Medical Team Mistazely Direction When The Player Flies

Funny, Medical Team Mistazely Direction When The Player Flies
The hilarious event occurred in the semi-final playoff of the third caste of the Argentine League between Deportivo Espanyol and Deportivo Riestra on Sunday (9/7/2017) Agen Sbobet.

Launched in a moment of the match, midfielder Riestra Braian Romero suffered pain and had to get treatment. This is the beginning of the funny incident.

As usual, when a player is injured, the medical team comes with a stretcher. Romero also try to be transported to the edge of the field with a stretcher.

While lifting the litter, the two medical teams were opposite. One leads directly to the edge of the field, the other may intend to turn first so that it faces the opposite direction.

As a result, even though one of the medical teams leading to the edge of the field can guide his partner, the stretcher with Romero fell off when not yet arrived.
In the game, Riestra who acted as the visitors won 2-0 thanks to goals from Adrien Flores and Mauro Gabriel Ortiz.

The game is a play-off semi-final of Primera B Metropolitana. The team that wins the final match will step into Primera B National.

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