Henderson: Asian Tour Give Us Advantages

Henderson: Asian Tour Give Us Advantages

Liverpool team captain Jordan Henderson has stated that the pre-season finish in Hong Kong will make his team more confident to look at the summer competition.

The reason, in addition to the Reds trained hard in humid temperatures they also managed to win two victories while participating in the annual tournament, the Premier League Asia Trophy where able to overcome the Crystal Palace and also last weekend beat Leicester City with the final score 2-1 and match Which took place in Hong Kong stadium were two goals each scored by Mohamed Salah and also Philippe Coutinho. While The Foxes through the action of Islam Slimani.

Interesting when meeting foster children Craig Shakespeare at once make them out as champions this year. That way, they are confident to be able to compete well in 2017-2018 competition. Even so but Hendo feels there are still some points that must be addressed by his team when returning to Melwood later.

“It is a difficult condition, very humid, but we have something good because it is pre season and we also get good fitness,”

“We will get the dedication from it when we get home. Where of course this will give us little confidence with the harshness we have worked here in this condition.

“We went home feeling the happiness, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

Meanwhile, after the game against Leicester. The retainer of the England national team was also very satisfied with his team’s performance during his playing in Asia. Where really natural increase sharply.

“I think this is a good start for pre season. Two matches are not easy because the two teams face the difficult to the opponent, ”

“Overall, we are very pleased with the performance. Of course there are still things we need to fix for a couple of weeks, but we come back happy with what we’ve been doing here. “Jordan Henderson said on the club’s official website.

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