Join the Indonesian National Team U-19, Saddil Must Adapt Again

Join the Indonesian National Team U-19, Saddil Must Adapt Again

Saddil Ramdani finally seen in the training session of U-19 national team that was held at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Monday (2/10/2017). Saddil admitted was tense because the new re-join with colleagues in Tim Garuda Nusantara.

Persela Lamongan player Saddil Ramdani joined the training camp at the U-19 national team in Bekasi. Monday (2/10/2017) he will start to train at the Patriot Stadium.

Saddil just joined on the fourth day of training U-19 national team because previously still have to defend Persela Lamongan in League 1. Back training with team-mates, Saddil seemed trying to adapt quickly.

“I have to start adapting again because I just practice again now, I admit there is a bit of a sense of tension, but I try to stay relaxed, I learned here how to play nice and good and not repeat mistakes,” said Saddil Ramdani after the training session.

Speaking of not repeating mistakes, it did not escape the unpleasant incident he experienced while strengthening Indonesia U-19 national team in AFF Cup U-18 2017. Saddil confirms the determination to prove themselves can rise in the future.

“I personally always pray and try how I can prove that I am not the kind of person imagined all along, I am also a man who is not spared the mistake,” he said. “Past events serve as a lesson for me to be better in the future.”

Got So Monthly

Saddil Ramdani had a month-long monthly warganet following the red card he received when the Indonesian national team U-19 lost to Thailand in the semi-final AFF Cup U-18 2017.

On the other hand, Indonesia U-19 national team will undergo two test matches, each contra Cambodia and Thailand, as part of preparations for the 2018 U-19 Asian Cup qualifying.

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