Lukaku Can Still Compliment Mourinho Though Dispose of Gold Opportunities

Lukaku Can Still Compliment Mourinho Though Dispose of Gold Opportunities

Manchester United must recognize the benefits of Real Madrid with a score of 2-1 in the European Super Cup 2017 held at the Stadium Nacionalna Arena Filip II, Wednesday (09/08/2017) WIB Sbobet Casino. Man United only able to score a goal through sontekan Romelu Lukaku (minute 62).

Real Madrid started the game very well. Champions League champions in the last two years had a 2-0 lead through Casemiro (24 ‘) and Francisco “Isco” Alarcon (52’) before winning 2-1 and clinching their fourth title.

In the game, Lukaku actually had a chance to score two goals against Real Madrid in the middle of the second half. Paul Pogba’s vomiting ball that Real Madrid’s Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas crashed at the foot of the 24-year-old striker but failed to pass on to the net as a result of his sontekan misses.

While in the first 45 minutes, Lukaku can not do much. Ex-Everton striker has only got a chance to touch the ball 17 times without getting a meaningful opportunity.

The record became the lowest of all the players who appeared in the first half of both teams, outside the goalkeeper. Seeing the performance, Man United manager Jose Mourinho regretted the failure of Lukaku.

Nevertheless, the 54-year-old manager understood the obstacles facing my Lukaku and overall was pleased to see the player’s performance.

“It’s a tough job to play against a team that dominates possession, but Lukaku has done his best,” said Mourinho after the match.

“It’s true that Lukaku has missed a chance to score against an empty goal, but in the end he scored well and fought well against two formidable center-backs,” he said.

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