Mongolian opponent, Indonesian national team U-22 Ready to Combat

Luis Milla Aspas

Mongolian opponent, Indonesian national team U-22 Ready to Combat

After humiliated by Malaysia 0-3, Indonesia U-22 national team was forced to face a dead fight against Mongolia in qualifying Group H qualifying for the U-23 Asian Cup Judi Dadu Online. Both teams will meet at the National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand, Friday (21/07/2017).

Defeat in the first game to make Indonesia slumped at the bottom of the standings with 0. points. While Malaysia was in the top standings with 3 points. While Thailand and Mongolia are both pocketed one point after a 1-1 draw.

Indonesia U-22 national team coach, Luis Milla, has been evaluating the defeat of his team. Former U-21 Spain coach was aware, the remaining two games are crucial for his troops. The defeat of Mongolia certainly led Indonesia into the box.

“We already know the strength of each of our players, for me the players in my squad are good players, I have no doubt that the first 11 players are the best players I have scaled down,” Milla said in a release from PSSI.

Road Indonesia to the next round is getting steeper after the inaugural game 0-3 defeat of Malaysia. In this duel, Indonesia also had to lose one player, Asnawi Mangkualam for a red card in the second half.

To advance to the next round, Indonesia should not suffer defeat in two games remaining. After meeting Mongolia, Indonesia U-22 national team will next face with Thailand in the second game tested the leadership of Malaysia standings.

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