Spanish FA president stumbles on corruption case

Spanish FA president stumbles on corruption case

Angel Villar, who has ruled 29 years as the number one RFEF, was arrested by police over alleged corruption.

Spanish police confirmed a hand-catching operation against Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) president Angel Villar over his alleged corruption case.

Villar’s arrest on Tuesday morning was also followed by the arrest of his son, Gorka and three other RFEF officials as part of an anti-corruption operation by Guardia Civil, a special task force of the Spanish Police.

This arrest operation was under the supervision of the Spanish national prosecutor Santiago Pedraz, who focused on investigating white-collar crime cases such as bribery, document falsification, corruption and misuse of money.

Following this arrest, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, Spain’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports stated, “In Spain, everything is the same in the eyes of the law and no one is above the law.” UEFA still refuses to comment on the case.

Villar, 67, is a powerful figure in the RFEF. The former Athletic Bilbao midfielder and the Spanish national team have been president of the RFEF since 1988 and re-elected in May to continue his post.

Throughout the period of his leadership, the Spanish national team was at the top of world football by winning the 2010 World Cup and two consecutive European Cup winners (2008 and 2012). Villar also served 11 months as UEFA’s interim president when Michel Platini was suspended by FIFA due to a violation of the code of ethics.

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